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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you related to Harley-Davidson?

My Great-Grandfather was William A. Davidson who was one of the four original founders of The Harley-Davidson Motor Company in 1903.

Why is MDA your charity?

MDA has a long history of corporate support from the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. H-D plans to raise at least $5 million for MDA through 100th Anniversary events in 2003. One of the purposes of The Legacy Ride is to raise as much money as possible for charity and so MDA is a perfect fit.

How much do you hope to raise?

As much as possible. There is no pre-set goal but in order to be eligible for the Parade of MDA Heroes in Milwaukee, we need to raise a minimum of $5,300 by July 15th. In order to count towards our eligibility for the Parade a donation on our behalf needs to be mailed

Why should I give through your website and not directly to MDA?

By donating to MDA through our website, you will be donating to MDA directly. Our online donation link takes you directly to MDA's online donation page. Donations made from this page go towards Harley-Davidson's goal of $5 million for MDA but are not credited towards the pledges we need to qualify for the Parade of MDA Heroes. Please donate in any way you feel comfortable and help us Make A Difference.

How can I donate by credit card and have it counted as a pledge towards your qualification for The Parade of MDA Heroes?

2 ways!

  • Use our Legacy Ride for MDA Printable Donation Form and fill it out with your credit card pledge information and send it to the address shown or:
  • Call MDA in Fresno at 559-225-0200 and they will be happy to take your credit card pledge right over the phone for The Legacy Ride.

What is the deadline for donation?

There is no deadline for donation and need all the donations we can get all they way through August 31st. In order for your pledge to count towards our Parade of MDA Heroes qualification it has to be processed by the Fresno MDA office by July 15th.

Does my donation go to MDA directly?

Yes, the Legacy Ride is simply an opportunity to donate to MDA in honor of our efforts to Make A Difference. The Legacy Ride does not collect any monies and is not responsible for donations made to MDA in any way.

Did Harley-Davidson give you the motorcycle?

No. The motorcycle was bought right off the showroom floor at Visalia Harley Davidson in California.

How much did The Legacy Ride Motorcycle cost?

Approximately $38,000. The actual cost will be posted on the Ebay auction.

Did or do you get a discount on The Legacy Ride Motorcycle or other stuff from Harley-Davidson?

No, the motorcycle and all accessories were purchased at full retail by Jeffrey Davidson Schrager personally.

Who will pay for your ride expenses as you promote The Legacy Ride or when you ride to Milwaukee?

I pay for all my own ride expenses, including insurance and gas.

What kind of motorcycle is The Legacy Ride?

A 2003 Ultra Classic Electra Glide Motorcycle in two-tone 100th Anniversary paint with a sidecar to match.

Why an Ultra Classic?

To me, the 100th Anniversary Ultra Classic represents the height of how far The Harley-Davidson Motor Company has come in 100 years of producing the finest motorcycles in the world. I think it is embodiment of the "Legacy" of the enduring designs, engineering, and style that has made The Harley-Davidson a true American Classic.

Why a sidecar?

Firstly, due to the fact that is unique and provides a great place to showcase the signatures of the ancestors of the original founders and other celebrities we hope to get. Secondly, it has always been the wish of my mother Carol to get a ride in a Harley-Davidson sidecar and this is a great way to fulfill her dream.

Why are you doing all this?

To do something to Make a Difference. I have been given many blessings and opportunities in life and this is my chance to set an example of how an individual can give something back. This is a pure labor of love.

What happens to The Legacy Ride Motorcycle after the ride?

While in Milwaukee, The Legacy Ride motorcycle will be on display at Suburban Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee.  After the auction on August 31st, the Suburban will then assist in the delivery of The Legacy Ride Motorcycle to the new owner.

What do you get out of this?

The pure satisfaction of having both participated in the events celebrating the 100th as well as making a difference for a worthy cause at the same time.

Are you really going to sell The Legacy Ride Motorcycle?

Yes, as long as the bids exceed the actual cost of the motorcycle.

How do I bid on The Legacy Ride Motorcycle?

The auction will be held on WWW.EBAY.COM starting 8/21/03 and will run until 8/31/03 to coincide with the events in Milwaukee. A link will be provided from this website directly to the Ebay auction starting on 8/21/03.

How much can I buy The Legacy Ride Motorcycle for?

You will have to be the highest bidder at the close of the auction. Good luck!

Who do you want to sign the sidecar?

      Ancestors of the original founders of The Harley Davidson Motor Company:

      • Willie G. Davidson, Grandson of William A. Davidson will sign as the anchor autograph
      • Carol Schrager, Granddaughter of William A. Davidson
      • Margo "Harley" Manning, Granddaughter of William S. Harley
      • Jeffrey Davidson Schrager, Great-Grandson of William A. Davidson
      • John David Schrager, Great-Grandson of William A. Davidson
        and hopefully many others

      Celebrity autographs we hope to get (in no particular order):

      • Jay Leno
      • Jerry Lewis
      • Peter Fonda
      • Dennis Hopper
      • Jack Nicholson
      • and hopefully many others

If I buy The Legacy Ride motorcycle for more that than itís actual cost, what happens to the extra amount?

Any amount over the actual cost of the bike will be donated to MDA.

How can I get involved?

      1. Donate to MDA either by mail (preferably) or through The Legacy Ride website
      2. Follow The Legacy Ride through the website to see what we are up to
      3. Volunteer to help out your local MDA Chapter
      4. Volunteer to help us spread the word about The Legacy Ride
      5. Patronize the dealers participating in 100th Anniversary events along The Ride Home
      6. Resolve to Make a Difference in your local community by getting involved in a charitable enterprise to benefit the less fortunate.

Can I ride with you on the Ride Home?

Not exactly. Anyone riding back to Milwaukee on The Ride Home will be on their own. If we happen to see you on the road donít hesitate to say hello but The Legacy Ride itself has no participants other than those on the actual motorcycle. We hope people will donate to MDA on our behalf to support our efforts and those who canít actually do The Ride Home to Milwaukee can  "virtually" join us by watching our progress on the website through the various features we have planned.

What does the license plate say?


How are you related to "Willie G"?

Willie G. Davidson is my motherís first cousin. His Grandfather was William A. Davidson who is my Great-Grandfather.

Who will ride with you in the Parade of Heroes?

      We hope to have three ancestors of the original founders of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company aboard the Legacy Ride Motorcycle in the Parade of Heroes.

    • Driver: Jeffrey Davidson Schrager, Great-Grandson of William A. Davidson
    • Passenger: Margo "Harley" Manning, Granddaughter of William S. Harley
    • Sidecar Passenger: Carol Schrager, Granddaughter of William A. Davidson